Those are the rooms where classes are taking place.


The room in Taunusstein is located in Bleidenstadt, has 36 m² and daylight windows. There are three drumkits in different sizes with the possibility of playing doublebass and also percussion instruments such as for example congas. As a special feature the room provides a sound studio which enables recording on the fly for the two big kits are permanently equiped with microphones. Therefore in addition to the regular lessons it offers the possibility of getting prepared for a studio recording session and even record for your own band.
The one in Wiesbaden is located at the „Kulturzentrum Alter Schlachthof“, has 20 m² and daylight windows as well. It is close to the main station and easily to be reached from there in only a few minutes walking distance. For it is a practice room that I share with two bands there are two drumkits – each with double bassdrum pedal.
Kid´s drumkit:
Especially for kids being not tall enough to play on a regular drumkit yet, I have one in the right size. It is currently located in Taunusstein.

Room in Taunusstein

Big kit in Taunusstein

Small kit in Taunusstein

Kid’s kit in Taunusstein

Recording situation in Taunusstein

Practice room in Wiesbaden