In the past I got many requests from people who are living too far away to have the possibility of taking regular lessons. Therefore I offer online lessons, so everyone can stay in his own practice room!
To make it happen you would only need an online device with skype software (for free) in your practice room and a Paypal account. This device could be for instance a PC with a webcam, an iPad or other tablet or even a smartphone. For the best possible sound and therefore communication also an external microphone and headphones would make sense. But I am sure we will find out, what you need in your individual situation.
The concept is kind of similar to the regular lessons. Before they begin, the units will have to be paid via Paypal to my emailaddress:
Of course you can contact me to get help and answers to this topic!
Here comes the link to a short video which is supposed to give you an impression what it looks like: