All my life I have been interested in drumming and making music. My journey started at the school big-band, continued with several smaller rockbands and finally led me to being a professional musician. All of this time let me experience a lot working in the studio, live on stage and also teaching. For me it is very important to not be narrow minded and limited to only a few aspects. Therefore besides drums and percussion (i.e. cajon) I also play other instruments as for example the piano and medieval bagpipes.

After my examination at the FMW jazzschool in Frankfurt / Main in 2004 which made me „certified musician and instrumental teacher in Jazz and Popular Music“ I was very lucky to join my favorit band „Blind Guardian“. Besides this band I am also member of „Sinbreed“ and every now and then I do other different projects such as performing live for the Pink Floyd coverband „Interstellar Overdrive“. Despite all of this activity I never forgot about my second passion: teaching. So I was constantly building up my music school „Drumworks Taunusstein“ and also hosted specials like weekend classes for medieval drumming.

Due to my knowledge by studying jazz and latin music and my personal likings of rock and metal I am completely open for any musical style and challenge!


For everybody being interested in my current equipment / setup: