The different time versions of classes:
Here at Drumworks I offer different versions of classes. Regular lessons would be one unit of 45 minutes per week on a regular base. But it is also possible to meet every other week or in another irregular way, if requested. For kids under age of 10 I recommend units of 30 minutes, in case the concentration doesn´t last longer.
Due to me being active with my bands there might be interruptions from the regular rhythm. For it is very difficult to find another date for EVERY student, I only charge the lessons that actually took place by single lesson payment (please see conditions below). I am sure this is fair for both sides.
Of course it is normally possible to move a date. Please note, that all dates cancelled later than 24 hours prior to their scheduled time, are considered as have actually taken place and therefore have to be paid!
Normally the mode is single lessons. But also group lessons for two students at the same time would be possible. This depends on the availability of a second student. In this case both students would share the price of the unit.
I also offer vouchers as an idea for a special gift!
If you wish to get a date for a trial lesson or if there are any questions left, please feel free to send me an email:
or contact me via facebook:
Thank you very much! I am looking forward to it!

The prices are:

Unit 45 min: 45€
Unit 30 min: 30€
Trial lesson 45 min: 20€
Online unit 45 min: 45€ (via Paypal or banktransfer)