The classes address to everyone who wants to learn how to play the drums!
The philosophy behind Drumworks is to have fun learning all the necessary techniques and elements you need to play the drums. This will be experienced and received by every person in their own way, so it is a logical consequence to have the classes built up individually for the needs of each student.
Besides the regular topics I also like to talk about issues such as setting up and tuning a drum kit properly. The student shall get advice for every aspect of drumming!
Experience tells that the most fun is provided by learning in a practical way. This is why my focus is on actually playing and learning by for instance analysing together what other drummers did. Of course we won´t forget about musical theory – especially notes and reading! But those aspects are more supposed to be supportive in terms of communication and archiving of musical information. It is self explaining, we can go deeper into it if requested!
Also I like to have a close look at the student´s prefered styles and everything he is interested in. I might mention here my specialty which is playing with two bassdrums, but I am totally not limited to that. Because this would mean a loss of a lot of variety and exciting aspects of drumming!
Regarding playing the cajon I want to point out, that my idea is here to apply known elements of the drumset also on the cajon – of course under consideration of its special techniques. But basically also here counts the philosophy described above!